Haryana SSC Online Form 2020

Haryana SSC Online Form 2020

Post Name: Haryana SSC Online Form 2020
Short Information : Haryana Selection Commission HSSC Are invited to submit an Online Application Form for a Different Vacancies Recruitment Post Under 01/2020. Until applying online, all candidates are interested in the following vacancies should read the full notice. Haryana SSC Forms Online

(HSSC) Haryana Staff Selection Commission 

Various Post Recruitment 2020

Advt. No. 01/2020


Application Fee
Category (1,2,25,26,31,33,34 to 42) Fee
General Male : Rs. 150/-
General Female : Rs. 75/-
BC/ EWS/ SC Male (HR) : Rs. 35/-
BC/ EWS/ SC Female (HR) : Rs. 18/-
Category (3 to 24, 27 to 30, 32) Fee
General Male : Rs. 100/-
General Female : Rs. 50/-
BC/ EWS/ SC Male (HR) : Rs. 25/-
BC/ EWS/ SC Female (HR) : Rs. 13/-

Important Dates
Online Application Start : 27 March 2020
Registration Last Date : 17 April 2020
Fee Payment Last Date : 22 April 2020
Exam Date : Notified Soon
Admit Card : Notified Soon

Payment Mode
Pay Exam Fee Through Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, E Challan Fee Mode.

Age Limit
Min. Age : 17 Yrs.
Max. Age : 42 Yrs.
18-42 Yrs. (Cat. No. 24, 37)
Read the Full Notification For Age Relaxation.

Eligibility Details
Candidates have Bachelor Degree in any Stream From Recognized University.

Vacancy | Eligibility Details
Total Vacancy : 1137 Post

Category Post Name Total Post Eligibility
1 Election Naib Tehsildar 6
Candidates have BA/ B.Com Degree.

2 Election Kanungo 21
3 Work Supervisor 117
Passed Class 10th with ITI Certificate in Building Maintenance/ Constructor.
2 Yrs. Experience.

4 Auto Diesel Mechanic 39
Passed Class 10th with ITI Certificate in Diesel Mechanic/ Motor Vehicle Trade.
2 Yrs. Experience.

5 Carpenter 33
Passed Class 10th with ITI Certificate in Carpenter Trade.
3 Yrs. Experience.

6 Plumber 4
Passed Class 10th with ITI Certificate in Plumber/ Fitter.
2 Yrs. Experience.

7 Telephone Operator 9
Passed Class 10th Exam with Experience.

8 Surveyor 1
Passed Class 10th with ITI Certificate.

9 Painter 27
Passed Class 10th with ITI Certificate in Plumber/ Fitter.
2 Yrs. Experience.

10 Mason 23
Passed Class 10th with ITI Certificate in Mason Building Constructor.
2 Yrs. Experience.

11 Mechanic AC/ Ref. 7
Passed Class 10th with ITI Certificate in AC/ Refrigeration.
2 Yrs. Experience.

12 Lift Operator 2
Passed Class 10th Exam with 5 Yrs. Experience.

13 Chargeman 2
Passed Class 10th with ITI Certificate in Refrigeration.
5 Yrs. Experience.

14 Chargeman Electrical 10
Passed Class 10th with ITI Certificate in Electrician.
5 Yrs. Experience.

15 Electrician 115
Passed Class 10th with ITI Certificate in Electrician/ wireman.
2 Yrs. Experience.

16 Machine Tool Operator 7
Passed Class 10th with ITI Certificate in Welder/ Machinist/ turner.
2 Yrs. Experience.

17 Auto Electrician 11
Passed Class 10th with ITI Certificate in Motor Mechanic.
3 Yrs. Experience.

18 Chargeman Miscellaneous 11
Passed Class 10th with ITI Certificate in Mechanic Diesel/ Vehicle/ Fitter.
5 Yrs. Experience.

19 Storekeeper 15
Passed Class 10th Exam with 3 Yrs. Experience.

20 Fitter Heavy Machine 39
Passed Class 10th with ITI Certificate in Fitter.
2 Yrs. Experience.

21 Supervisor 12
Passed Class 10th with ITI Certificate in Motor Mechanic.
2 Yrs. Experience.

22 Blacksmith 6
Passed Class 10th Exam with 8 Yrs. Experience.

23 Workshop Machinery Operator 14
Passed Class 10th with ITI Certificate in Welder/ Turner/ Machinist.
2 Yrs. Experience.

24 Chargeman Heavy Plant 14
Passed Class 10th with ITI Certificate in Mechanic Diesel/Motor Vehicle.
2 Yrs. Experience.

25 Inspector 32
Bachelor Degree in any Stream.

26 Section Officer 5
Candidates have B.Com Degree.

27 Sub Station Generation Attendant 2
Passed Class 10th with ITI Certificate in Electrical.
2 Yrs. Experience.

28 Electrician 4
Passed Class 10th with ITI Certificate in Electrical/ Wireman.

29 Jr. Mechanic 10
ITI/ Diploma from Recognized Institute.

30 Account Clerk 11
B.Com Degree with 55% Marks.

31 Storekeeper 3
Candidates have Bachelor Degree with 2 Yrs Experience.

32 Store Clerk 1
Passed Class 10th Exam with 1 Yr. Experience.

33 Asst. Seed Production Officer 31
Candidates have B.Sc/ M.Sc Degree in Agriculture.

34 Account Asst. 2
Candidates have B.Com Degree with 1 Yr. Experience.

35 Sr. Mechanic 2
Diploma in Mechanic Engg. with 3 Yrs. Experience.

36 Marketing Asst. 4
Candidates have Bachelor Degree with 1 Yr. Experience.

37 TGT Punjabi 176
Bachelor Degree in Punjabi Subject and Passed B.Ed Exam.

38 Turner Instructor 39
Degree/ Diploma in Technology/ Engg.
Read the Notification for More Details.

39 Fitter Instructor 144
40 Carpenter Instructor 14
ITI Certificate in Carpenter.

41 Pharmacist 25
Passed Class 12th Exam with Diploma in Pharmacy.

42 Lab. Technician 28
Passed Class 12th Exam in Science with Diploma in Lab. Technician.

Interested Candidates can Read the Full Notification Before Apply Online.

Selection Process:

Written Test
Socio-Economic Criteria

HSSC  TGT Exam Pattern 2020

Below we presented the template for the HSSC test. Candidates should review the entire syllabus of the HSSC Electrician below. A written examination will be performed for the messages. The written evaluation of the HSSC Job Manager will be for 90 marks and 10 points for socio-economic requirements and experience will be allocated. Subjects such as General Knowledge, Reasoning, Maths, Physics, Computer, English and Hindi would answer 75 percent of the questions. The remaining 25 per cent questions will be asked from Haryana ‘s topics such as History, Current Affairs, Literature, Geography, Civics, Climate and Culture. The descriptions of the entire HSSC exam pattern below. Type 2020: Haryana SSC Online

Name of the Subject Marks
Written Test (Subjects mentioned above) 90
Socio-Economic criteria and experience 10
Total 100
 SSC Online Form 2020 TGT Syllabus for General Awareness
National Dance
Music & Literature
Indian Culture
Scientific observations
Political Science
World organizations
Countries and Capitals
Famous Places in India
Books and Authors
Important Dates
About India and it’s neighboring countries
Science and innovations
New inventions
Economic problems in India
Geography of India
National and International current affairs

HSSC Work Supervisor Syllabus for Reasoning

Series Completion
Verification of truth of the Statement
Situation Reaction Test
Direction Sense Test
Data Sufficiency
Alpha-Numeric Sequence Puzzle
Puzzle Test
Blood Relations
Assertion and Reasoning
Arithmetical Reasoning
Operations of Mathematics
Venn Diagrams
Word Sequence
Missing Characters
Sequential Output training
Test on Alphabets
Eligibility Test
Dot Situation
Identical figure groupings
Forming figures and analysis
Construction of Squares and Triangles
Analytical Reasoning
Paper Folding
Paper Cutting
Cubes and Dice
Water Images
Mirror Images
Figure Matrix
Completion Incomplete Pattern
Spotting embedded figures
Rules Detection

HSSC Electrician Syllabus for Maths

Relations and Functions
Complex Numbers
Quadratic Equations
Sequences and Series
Cartesian System of Rectangular Coordinates
Introduction to Three Dimensional Geometry
Straight Lines
Conic Sections
Permutations and Combinations
Exponential and Logarithmic Series
Sets and Set Theory
Probability Function
Limits and Continuity
Applications of Derivatives
Indefinite Integrals Binomial Theorem
Definite Integrals

HSSC TGT Haryanai Syllabus for Science

Laws of motion
Units and measurements
Thermal properties of matter
Kinetic theory
Wave optics
Work, energy, and power
Ray optics and optical instruments
Mechanical properties of solids
Motion in a straight line
Motion in a plane
Systems of particles and rotational motion
Mechanical properties of fluids
Moving charges and magnetism
Electric charges and fields
Electrostatic potential and capacitance
Electromagnetic induction
Current electricity
Magnetism and Matter
Dual nature of radiation and matter
Alternating current
Electromagnetic waves
Semiconductor electronics
The s – block elements
Communication systems
Organic chemistry-some basic principles and techniques and hydrocarbons
P-block elements – group 14 (carbon family)
Surface chemistry
Chemical equilibrium and acids-bases
Hydrogen and its Compounds
Atomic structure
D and f block elements & coordination compounds
Classification of elements and periodicity in properties
Environmental chemistry
States of matter: gasses and liquids
Chemistry in everyday life
General principles of metallurgy
Organic compounds containing c, h and o
P- block elements group 13 (boron family)
P-block elements
Chemical bonding and molecular structure
Electrochemistry and chemical kinetics
Haloalkanes and haloarenes
Organic compounds containing nitrogen
 Online Form Haryana SSC 2020
HSSC Instructor Syllabus for Computer 
MS Word, Microsoft OneNote
Microsoft Access
Introduction to Computer Science
Boolean Algebra
Computer Networks
Emerging Technologies and Web Publishing
PC Software and Office Automation
Database Management System
Data Structures
MS PowerPoint
MS Visio and MS Excel
Microsoft Outlook
The Internet
Workplace Productivity Tools
MS Project, Microsoft Publisher

www.hssc.gov.in Syllabus for English

Active and Passive Voice
Sentence Improvement
Spelling Test
Passage Completion
Idioms and Phrases
Error Correction (Underlined Part)
Sentence Arrangement
Fill in the blanks
Spotting Errors
Para Completion
Joining Sentences
Error Correction (Phrase in Bold)

HSSC Work Supervisor Syllabus for Hindi

उपसर्ग और प्रत्यय
विपरीतार्थक शब्द
संधि तथा संधि-विच्छेद
अनेकार्थक शब्द
वाक्यों का वर्गीकरण (सरल, मिश्र तथा संयुक्त)
संज्ञा से अव्यय तक
शुद्ध-अशुद्ध (शब्द शुद्धि, वाक्य शुद्धि)
भिन्नार्थक शब्द
वाक्यांश के लिए एक शब्द
संज्ञा, सर्वनाम और विशेषण आदी की मूलभूत समझ और इनके भेदों का ज्ञान
हिंदी भाषा का मूलभूत ज्ञान (स्वर, व्यंजन, रस)
मुहावरे और लोकोक्तियाँ
अनेक शब्दों के लिए एक शब्द
उचित शब्द से दिए गए रिक्त स्थान की पूर्ती
पर्यायवाची शब्द, विलोम शब्द, शब्द युग्म, लिंग परिवर्तन, वचन परिवर्तन आदी
वर्ण, वर्तनी और उच्चारण
वाक्य-क्रम व्यवस्थापन
रचना भाषा एवं व्याकरण
दिए गए वाक्यांशों को सही क्रम में व्यवस्थित करके एक अर्थपूर्ण वाक्य बनाना
उच्चारण स्थान
रिक्त स्थानों की पूर्ति
पर्यायवाची शब्द
वर्तनी सम्बन्धी अशुद्धियाँ

HSSC TGT Haryanai Syllabus for History 

Indian Culture
Early Structure of the British Raj
Themes in Early Indian Cultural History
Guptas, Vakatakas and Vardhanas
British Expansion in India
European Penetration into India
Imperialism and Colonialism
Nation-State System
Mughal Empire in the Seventeenth Century
Modern Indian History
Economy and Society in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
Mauryan Empire
Early State and Society in Eastern India, Deccan and South India
Indian Response to British Rule
Cultural Traditions in India
Origins of Modern Politics
Enlightenment and Modern ideas
Economic Impact of British Colonial Rule
Society, Culture and Economy in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries
Origins of Modern Politics
Period of Mahajanapadas
Social and Cultural Developments
Indus Valley Civilization
Pre-history and Proto-history
Culture in the Mughal Empire
Aryans and Vedic Period
Megalithic Cultures
Early Medieval India
Post – Mauryan Period (Indo-Greeks, Sakas, Kushanas, Western Kshatrapas)
Indian Freedom Struggle
History of the World
HSSC Instructor Syllabus for Current Affairs 
Books & Authors
Science & Technology
Sports & General
International Affairs
Current Events
Current Ministers & Governors
Indian Financial System
Capitals & Currencies
Government Schemes
Abbreviations and Economic Terminologies
Summits & Conferences, etc

 TGT HSSC Syllabus for Geography 

Cartographic Techniques
Human Geography
Thematic Cartography
Statistical Methods in Geography
Geography of India
Economic Geography
Environmental Geography
Field Work and Research Methodology
Regional Planning and Development
Remote Sensing and GIS
Political Geography
Hydrology and Oceanography
Social Geography
Evolution of Geographical Thought
Disaster Management based Project Work
Remote Sensing
Advanced Spatial Statistical Techniques
Geographical Information System
Research Methods
Population Geography
Resource Geography
Urban Geography
Geography of Health and Wellbeing
Disaster Management
Geography of Tourism
Spatial Information Technology
Regional Development
Climate Change: Vulnerability and Adaptation
Rural Development
Industrial Geography
Sustainable Development

Haryana  SSC Electrician Syllabus for Environment

Bio Diversity
Water Resource Degradation
Climate Change and Environment
Environemnt and Urbanization
Mining and Environment
Agriculture and Environement
Renewable Energy
Environmental impact assessment
Concept of Sustainable Development

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